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Our Mandate since 1990:

“Dedicated to Meeting Your Needs”

POMMEN Group, aligned with Strategic Steps Inc., provides a wide range of municipal, general management and human resource consulting services to business, government, First Nations, Métis and NGO’s. In the years during the economic boom and then after the 2008 global economic crisis, repositioning, restructuring and addressing internal human resource issues was the focus of many organizations. This cyclical environment has increased awareness of the need to address organizational, community and business sustainability through all economic times. By 2014/15, new challenging issues emerged revolving around the plunge in world oil demand rationalization and prices together with environmental change management.

We have been coaching, mentoring and helping private, public, and voluntary sector organizations address these various issues through the strategic rethinking of business models and facilitating the development of innovative solutions. We are honoured to have many clients that we have served since day one of our practice and are inspired that many of our previous clients recommend our services to others as well.

Our Mission:

“We pledge to provide you with timely, high quality service, today and in the future!”

Futurpreneur Probus Rotary

Principal Associates:

More than 20 associates with comprehensive professional expertise join project teams to address specific project requirements. Teams draw upon a vast amount of experience in various fields: political, business, industry, management, human resources, engineering, financial, marketing, mediation, aviation, health, research, recreation, evaluation, and education.

Associates with 15 to 50 years of experience in a variety of private sector, local government and public environments contribute to the project teams to address specific client requirements. We know that the environment, needs and best practices are always changing and in response, we are at the leading edge of best practices so that we can provide the best value to our clients.

Dennis W. Pommen, CLGM, CHRP-retired
Executive Director Transition Management
Ian McCormack, BA
President, Strategic Steps Inc.